In 2007, the Montana state legislature adapted a law that allows for communities to develop a "Tourism Business Improvement District" (TBID).

Sidney's TBID supports tourism, promotion and marketing for any activity happening within the Sidney district. Requests for funding can be made through the application form below. Applications must be submitted 60 day prior to the event. 

The Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) strives to grow our tourism economy through increased visitor spending in Sidney, Montana lodging establishments. The mission of the TBID is to generate room nights for lodging facilities in the City of Sidney, Montana by effectively marketing and funding grants to promote our region as a preferred travel and events destination.

TBID Funds are made available through the lodging facilities of Sidney. For every occupied room night, guests are assessed $1.50 that is returned to Sidney via the TBID Board to aid in tourism, promotion and marketing within the district. 

The TBID Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of each month at the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

Please contact LaVanchie Starkey, Administrator, with any questions at starlitesolutions2@gmail.com. 

Follow the link to the TBID Fund Application. Applications can be returned to LaVanchie Starkey at starlitesolutions2@gmail.com.

TBID Fund Application: https://documentcloud.adobe.co...